Menu (English)


Bacalhau sashimi, green mustard sauce €. 10.00
Brandacujun and potatoes (Ligurian whipped cream) €. 10.00
Bacalhau salad, chickpeas alla tropea €. 10.00
Bacalhau croquettes with curry sauce €. 10.00
Carpaccio with pepper and anchovy sauce €. 12.00
Carpaccio with porcini mushrooms in a pan € 13.00



Paccheri, stockfish, porcini mushrooms and peaches € 14.00
Guitar string, stockfish, cheese and pepper € 13.00
Spaghetti with cuttlefish ink, stockfish and candied citron € 13.00
Tondelli di bacalhau, stockfish ragout, cherry tomatoes, lemon scented € 13.00
Macaroni, bacalhau, aubergines, olives, smoked scamorza €. 13.00
Caldeirada (fish soup with tomato, bacalhau, coriander and croutons) €. 14.00



Fried cod and courgettes € 17.00
Bacalhau Carmagnola pepper sauce €. 16.00
Bacalhau sautéed porcini mushrooms €. 17.00
Mediterranean cod (cherry tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines, tropea) €. 16.00
Bacalhau a Braz (bacalhau cooked in milk, with onion, fried potatoes, egg yolk and black olives) €. 16.00


4-course tasting menu €. 30



Mango cod cheese cake with mango ice cream and glass of Vodka €. 7.00
Bronte pistachio crème brulè and Zibibbo glass € 7.00
Foamy Zabajone, cold by the glass and a glass of Moscato €. 7.00
Cloud with white chocolate, lime, passion fruit and a glass of Vodka €. 7.00
Aspic al porto with berries and a glass of Moscatel €. 7.00
Pastel de nata with cinnamon and Ginjia glass € .7.00
Sorbets (Blood Orange, Coconut, Berries, Black Mulberries, Lemon, Mandarin, Mango, Green Apple, Melon and Chilli) €. 4.00
Ice creams (cream, gianduja) €. 4.00

Tasting Menu

Composed of 4 cursos
ENTRADA OF THE CHEF based on bacalhau


TORTELLI DI BACALHAU With cherry tomatoes and lemon scent

MY VICENTINA Bacalhau with Cervere leek sauce

€ 30.00

Tasting Menu

Composed of 4 cursos
ENTRADA DO CHEF com base do bacalhau

BACALHAU COM GRAO (bacalhau salad with chickpeas and onion)

CALDEIRADA DE BACALHAU (fish soup and bacalhau with croutons)

BACALHAU IN BRAZ (bacalhau cooked in milk with onion, black olives, egg yolk and fried potatoes)

€ 30.00